Volkswagen the KILLER makeup in the History of automotive

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The Emission Scandal

Recent development in the hoax Volkswagen scandal filed against the world leader of automotive manufacturer shook the world. An ignorance for human health and commitment towards their customer. This mass worldwide fraud was admitted and accepted by the company’s management.

In 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI was the winner of groundbreaking clean diesel engine technology, which managed to pass America’s stringent exhaust pipe emission standards. It delivers a great fuel efficiency. The biggest automotive group of the world included VW, Audi, and Porsche marques which received awards for clean diesel technology between 2008 to 2014.

US Emission Norms Violation

The Volkswagen scandal was an automotive fallout. In September 2015 all the world was exposed to shocking revelation by the U.S environmental Protection Agency – ‘notice of violation’. The VW vehicle met emission standards for dangerous oxides of nitrogen, known collectively as NOx, only when running their paces in an artificial, indoor lab setting. But when the car was driven out on real road, the equipment adjusted and the vehicle erupted up to 40 times the permissible level.

Consumer Fraud Case Registered

The charges on VW was finally laid down for consumer fraud and false advertisement. The company new worldwide CEO, Mathias Muller, released in a radio announcement that “it was a technical problem, the American law was not clear in its implementation but was not a lie”.

Environmental impact NOx emission is killer as per the European Agency and 500,000 people died premature death because of it. The pollution and emission issues have been declared highly critical throughout the world.

Volkswagen Has gone too far with it

VW has gone too far to play and manipulate the norms for their own benefits which would cost them their image and customer preference world over, the estimate of loss in terms of customer satisfaction and confidence cannot be averaged out.

Some News Reports also suggests that this was one big controversy which was custom made by the VW competitors in U.S. to dent their image for every wrong reason. This fact is not very clear to be concluded.