Vitara brezza – the go getter from MARUTI

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The Vitara Brezza is great addition to Maruti Suzuki line up. The smart design and has its adaptation from the range rover Evoque if one would look closely. The ultra-modern chrome front grill combined with honey comb back drop. The front eye, LED headlamps adds on to the strong, stubborn cunning looks. The wheel arch is square with black cladding all along the sides which gives the ‘s’ of the SUV its meaning of sport when it comes to visuals.

The attention to design detail is amazing the side body lines, the A-pillar inclination, drivers view, the ergonomics of the vehicle etc. The game changer for this machine is the synchronous colors- variable roof cap and complementing body tone.

How was the Vitara Brezza Developed?

  1. Development period was three and a half years
  2. 80% indigenous – design, testing, research, materials, prototyping, validation
  3. The Vitara Brezza is built on a brand new light weight, anti-collapsing, high safety structure C-platform
  4. Focus on ample boot space, best in class mileage, seating flexibility, smart and modern infotainment system and best mounting of engine.
  5. Initially launching the diesel model to give the customer the taste of power and pleasure in an SUV, then bringing the petrol version later when there is a demand in the market
  6. The project was developed by CV Raman, the executive director of Engineering.

The Vitara Brezza will offer you feature like:

  1. The state of the art Noise, Vibration and Harshness System which include high quality sound deadening materials, Pendulum engine mounting system which enables the engine the required movement and control the vibration transfer to the main chassis.
  2. It is supported with Apple Carplay, Advanced Vehicle ECU, Cruise Control, Automatic transmission, Automatic Weather Control and many other loaded goodies.
  3. Built on an all-new C-Platform it gains it SUV status well deserved. The stance on the platform is high. This is driven by 200 DDis Engine producing a power 66 kW and 200 Nm of torque.
  4. The safety is ensured by the airbags, ABS and all other general options. But the unique part of it is the Suzuki Tect (Total Effective Control Technology). TECT is the design of the monocoque BIW (Body Structure) , during an event of a crash the loads developed by a head to head collision which simply travel through the skin and load bearing beams making the occupants safe. The total weight of the final production car is 1195 kg.

The issue is everyone would not prefer a diesel vehicle. The competition is hard with market already having many options in this cost package.

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Get the PETROL out soon ……. All together amazing effort its worth the BUY!!