VAASTU VII: Build your home with best of energy and vibes

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Location of the Staircase should be in SOUTH WEST. Since this part of the house is high, heavy weight in this area is good. Further a STAIRCASE in SOUTH WEST can act as a buffer area and will help cut the negative energy coming from this side. STAIRCASE should never be in North East neither should it ever touch the NORTH or EAST wall.

It can be in the NORTH WEST or on the WEST side also. Number of STAIRs should be odd that is five, nine, eleven, fifteen etc. The tread should be 9” which is considered most auspicious. STIARCASE should never be located directly in front of Main Entrance or exactly in the middle of house.


Circular STAIRs are never considered good. It gives instability as at same time person faces difficult situation. No Bed Room, Living Room, Puja Room should be located below STAIRs. Even bathrooms are avoidable. So use that area for Storage only. While climbing the staircase, face till half landing should be WEST or SOUTH and other half should be NORTH or EAST WALL.

While getting down the STAIRCASE if the eyes fall on to a photo or statue of god or some other good symbol it is considered very Auspicious.


The location of Garage should be on the NORTH WEST or SOUTH EAST. It should never touch the EAST wall.


The location of the Servant Quarter should be on the NORTH WEST or SOUTH EAST. It should never touch the EAST wall.



Numbers of Doors and Windows should always be even that is two, four, six, eight etc. size of BED ROOM

10 X 1020 X 168X8,8X10, 10X 10
11 X 1121 X 21`8X8, 8X10, 10X10
10 X 1622X10POWER ROOM
11X1622X114X4, 6X4
16X1622X16None of these dimensions should ever occur
17X1129X115”, 7”, 9”, 11”, 12”, 13”, 14”,15”,18”, 19”
29X1623”, 24”, 25”


The standard Height of the Wall in SOUTH and WEST should be higher.


The most auspicious height of the Roof should be 10 feet and should never be less than 9 feet. All subsequent floors that is first floor, second floor should be at least half” less than ground floor.


It should always be in the ratio of 2:1 that is 6 feet high and 3 feet wide. It should always open towards the left-hand side. When standing inside the house. The Main Door should be both wider and higher than all other doors in house. All the other doors should be of same height.

Suppose there are two Entrance to the house they should never be directly opposite to each other. Then the main door should always have the plinth. The Plinth should be in odd numbers. The Main Door should never be located at one of the ends of the walls. It should always be at least 4”-6” away from the wall.

It should never be in the center of the wall. Number of doors and windows should be less on the subsequent floor than ground floor. The main door of ground floor and that of first floor should never be directly on top of each other. Number of Doors and Windows should be more on NORTH and EAST and NORHT EAST side. The height of all Windows should be same.

You can increase or decrease the width that is still and Lentil level should be same. In front of the Main Door there should not be any DWAR VEDH(obstacle) and there should not be any noise while opening and closing the Door. The slop of the floor and end of the Ceiling should be toward NORTH EAST. If that is not possible then it should be towards NORTH or EAST.

The ratio of a HOUSE should be LENGTH X BREADTH that means it should be 1:1, 1:5, 1:2. It should never be more than 1:2. Thickness of the wall should be more towards SOUTH and WEST. While the wall of NORTH and EAST should be thinner. Most of the Almirahs, wardrobes, bookshelves and heavy objects should be in the SOUTH and WEST.


MASTER BED ROOM should be in the SOUTH WEST because SOUTH WEST of the house is higher and thus is the place of high importance and stability.

GUEST BED ROOM Guest Bed Room should be in the NORTH WEST. (no stability in this direction therefore it is Vayu Sthan.

CHILDREN BED ROOM and ROOM of a MARRIED BOY should be in NORTH as this is the best direction for STUDY and CLEAR LIGHT.

  • While sleeping, we should place our head towards EAST or SOUTH. God resides in the EAST so we should never place our feet towards EAST while sleeping. Feet should never be towards Main Door (If we do so it shows a disrespect towards that direction).
  • Wall behind bed should be strong, No Window should be located behind the bed.
  • DRESSING TABLE/MIRROR should be in the NORTH and EAST and it should never be in front of the Bed.
  • WALL CLOCK should never be on the SOUTH wall.
  • BALCONY and TERRACE should be on the NORTH EAST.
  • ALMIRAH should be on the SOUTH WEST.
  • WRITING/STUDY should be on the NORTH or EAST wall. We should be facing these directions while writing or studying.
  • FAMILY ROOM: Drawing Room, Dining Room and Gym can be located in NORTH or EAST as more time is spent in these areas. As in these directions we get maximum positive rays.
  • KITCHEN should be placed in the SOUTH EAST which is the best direction or on the NORTH WEST. We should either face EAST or SOUTH while cooking. KITCHEN COUNTER should be located in the EAST or SOUTH walls.
  • WINDOWs should be on the EAST side.
  • ELECTRICAL APPLIANCEs like Oven, Mixer, Grinder etc. on the SOUTH EAST.
  • STORAGE for utensils and other almirah etc. on the SOUTH, WEST or SOUTH WEST.
  • Avoid Kitchen Shelves above Counter, If not on all around then at least not in the SOUTH-EAST direction.
  • SINK, taps etc. should be in the NORTH EAST.
  • PANTRY COUNTER should be located on the SOUTH-WEST, SOUTH or WEST. Never in the NORTH-EAST. Kitchen should never face the toilet.
  • BREAK FAST counter on WEST SIDE.


Choose Color of Tiles etc. according to the ruling planet of the house wife.

BATHROOM: Bathroom color of this according to the ruling planet of the user.


SOUTH WEST is the Best location. In case it is SOUTH it should be in the middle of SOUTH. If it is WEST, then it should be more towards NORTH WEST. (that is; left of WEST). Never locate TOILET in the NORTH EAST, SOUTH EAST and SOUTH WEST.

OVER HEAD TANK should be on the NORTH WEST and SOUTH never in NORTH EAST or SOUTH WEST. SEPTIC TANK should be on the NORTH WEST or right of SOUTH or SOUTH EAST never in NORTH EAST or SOUTH WEST. Location of UNDERGROUND TANK, WATER METER, BOREWELL in NORTH EAST. UNDERGROUND TANK should always be square from inside but top of it can be round. SLOPE inside TOILET and on TERRACE should be towards NORTH EAST. All toilets should be towards SOUTH or WEST of BED ROOM. Person sitting on the WC should never face EAST or WEST. So, place it along NORTH or SOUTH axis. We should never lie in the NORTH-EAST direction of TOILET. Best LOCATION of WC is SOUTH or SOUTH-EAST. WASH BASIN towards NORTH or EAST. Same for MIRROR. It should never be on the SOUTH wall. SHOWER should be located in the NORTH-EAST, Slope towards NORTH-EAST. DOOR of the TOILET on the NORTH.

SUGGESTIVE GUIDELINES to decide upon the placement according to VAASTU


85-95 GOOD