Vaastu VI: Plan a GRIHA PRAVESH (House Warming) with all the positive factors

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The Griha Pravesh is considered with great importance in the Hindu Culture. It is believed that the correct time and manner is very important to impress your stars and all the gods to be blessed in the new house.

There are three types of Griha Pravesh (House Warming)

  • Apurva – When you are moving into a NEW HOUSE.
  • Sampurva – When you return back after a GAP.
  • Dwandwa – When You move into a house after MAJOR REPAIR or RECONSTRUCTION.


*DAY: –

  1. First part of the month is KRISHNA PAKSH (fortnight after the full moon)
  2. Second part is the SHUKLA PAKSH (fortnight after the new moon)

Shukla Paksh

  1. Parati Pada
  2. Dwitiya
  3. Tritiya
  4. Cha
  5. Panchmi

GRIHA PRAVESH (House Warming)

Griha Pravesh (House Warming) should be completed up to 10th ( tenth) tithe of Krishna Paksh and 4th (forth), 9th (ninth), 14th (fourteenth) of Shukla Paksh. AMAVASYA are not good for having Griha Pravesh.

If the house facing towards EAST then 5th (fifth), 10th (tenth), and PURNIMA are the good dates for GRIHA PRAVESH.

If the house facing towards WEST then 2nd (second), 7th (seventh), and 12th (twelfth) are thegood dates for GRIHA PRAVESH.

If the house facing towards SOUTH then 1st (first), 6th (sixth), and 11th (eleventh) are the good dates for GRIHA PRAVESH.

If the house facing towards NORTH then 3rd (third), 8th (eighth), and 13th (thirteenth) are the good dates for GRIHA PRAVESH.

If the house is facing towards NORTH WEST or SOUTH WEST, then we have to see which angle the house is more inclined to. If towards NORTH or WEST/ SOUTH or WEST or if it is at the exact say NORTH WEST, then both the dates of NORTH and WEST will be okay for GRIHA PRAVESH.

*WEEK: – TUESDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY are not good for Griha Pravesh.

*MONTH: – God Vaastu Dev changes his position every three months, he faces the following direction in respective months.

SOUTH – Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Kartik.

WEST – Margshish, Paush, Magh.

NORTH – Phalgun, Chaitra, Vashisht.

EAST – Jyeshta, Ashana, Shravan.

GRIHA PRAVESH (House Warming): Should be done in the month when Lord Vaastu Dev position is in the opposite direction in which the home lies. Whereas the other works like digging, foundation laying, foundation stone installing the Main Gate all should be done when the Vaastu Dev is facing the same direction as the house. Further Lord Vaastu Dev sleep in the month of Marg shish, Paush, Jyeshta and Ashana. So Griha Pravesh (House Warming) or any other works should not be done in these months.

NITYA VAASTU: Lord Vaastu Dev changes its position every three hours during the day.

First three hours after Sunrise LORD VAASTU DEV faces

  1. EAST from 04.00 – 07.00
  2. SOUTH from 7.00-10.00
  3. WEST from 10.00-01.00
  4. NORTH from 01.00-04.00.

He sleeps during the remaining time. GRIHA PRAVESH (House Warming) should be done when Vaastu Dev is facing opposite direction Example if house is NORTH facing then most ideal time would be 07.00 – 10.00.

For digging foundation, laying foundation stone and for installing Main Gate, it should be done when, Lord Vaastu Dev is facing direction as of the House. Other than these there are other two factors that should be noted by standing the ZODIAC positions.

Position of Sun

At that time the SUN should be in an auspicious bhava.


Certain Nakshatra favorable for GRIHA PRAVESH while others are not. Favorable Nakshatra’s are Pushya, Uttara, Rohini, Mrikshira, Shravan, Ashlisha, Ashwini, Chitra, Vishakha, ghanishta, Shatshira, Aadra, Poorva, Phalguni. The entire space is divided into 27 parts. Each is known as Nakshatra. Other than these 27 Nakshatras there is a 28th Nakshatra as well, measured in Kilometers. Similarly, distance in space is measured through Nakshatras. Nakshatra further has four charans and 60 gharis or anshas. Other than all these factors there are certain auspicious days which are favorable for everybody and for all directions when nothing is to be cross checked.


a. Chitra Vaishakha c. Shravan d. Bhadrapad e. Magh & f. Falgun.

Days’ and TIME

  • Sunday – 6.00 P.M to 6.48 P.M.
  • Wednesday – 3.36 P.M to 4.24 P.M.


a. Jyeshtha, b. Aashana

Days’ and TIME

  • Sunday – 3.36 to 4.42 P.M
  • Wednesday – 6.48 to 8.42 P.M
  • Saturday – 6.00 to 6.48 P.M


a. Aashwin, b. Kartik, c. Margsheesh d. Paush.

Days’ and TIME

  • Monday – 9.12 A.M to 10.48 A.M
  • Tuesday – 12.24 P.M to 2.48 P.M
  • Wednesday – 6.48 P.M to 8.24 P.M

The Next Part is out soon on Placement of Windows, Doors, Staircase Bedroom and complete house direction details.