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Previously in section 1 we got the idea about what Scientology is and the idea and thoughts of the founder behind it; LRH.

Now let’s go over some basics to understand the concept in detail.

OTTR-zero: two people sit in front of each other doing the same exercise.

Just sit and try to communicate like telepathy. This is the basic session which is given when one enters the church of Scientology.


Sea Organization: it is an organisation build up by the church of Scientology which attracts people with the hope of doing something good to the people and change the world.

The subject of Scientology has been researched and covered by author Lawrence Wright by the name GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY, HOLLYWOOD AND THE PRISON OF BELIEF.


He has stated the basic idea that the brain has 2 parts; the analytical and reactive.


The reactive mind is influenced by an engram.

An Engram is a type of memory which is stored as biophysical or biochemical changes in the brain in response to an external stimuli.

An Auditor listens and computes the sessions of the people.


AN E-Meter shows basically the mass of the thoughts. The auditor uses the e-meter and registers other thoughts and memories that actually never happened.


As in they would say that “I saw something fluctuation on the meter. What were you thinking about”? It can be an image of 18th century war and would ask you to back to it. They make sure that this is registered as your original memory. And claimed to have refreshed your past life experiences.

This initiates to their paranoia.

Going “clear” in Scientology is to erase your reactive mind and be aware and alert.

Basically it is an addiction without a drug. Like that feeling of lightness you get from any of those addictions.it is hard to leave. It is difficult to ignore the pleasure it gives and the consequences….the psychiatric and physical consequences it can impart on you. It not only destroys you but also the people who are associated with you.

Ethics: gave them the right to throw the auditor overboard if they made any mistakes in there auditing sessions.

The Bridge: it is a metaphor used to point out the awareness and the progress where the person is about to leave its reactive mind.

LRH knew that people would be happy to pay for the sessions as the level goes higher and higher. The level goes from Operating Thetan level I to level VIII (truth revealed).


The OT level III has a very interesting story written by LRH. This can either give you a wake up call or can drive you more into a delusional level like the mind of LRH. Apparently it would only be understood by people attaining that level.

The story goes as such.

The story was to be kept in a locked briefcase. It is the story about the head of the galactic confederation.


“Around 75 million years ago. People lived in the world just like our in 1950s. They were facing the similar issue; overpopulation. Zenue was the ruler of this confederation who called the people in for taxation purposes but instead freeze them by injecting glycol. Afterwards they were put in boxes and flown over to the PRISON PLANET (earth).

These bodies were then thrown in volcanoes. The so called ‘spirits’ known as thetans were forced to sit through a movie and shown pictures so that it would be registered in their brain. Whenever new life comes into existence 1 or 2 or 100s or 1000s of thetans would attach to their body giving them those registered memories.

Now this thought actually lead to many people going nuts with the fact that they had spirits attached to them.

That’s the irony it carries and pushes people over the edge in becoming someone like LRH who truly believes in this concept.

Think of the ordeal of the human being going through. The mental damage.

Just think..!!!!


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