Sundar Pichai tells the google innovation strategy and approach to it: India Visit

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How does google drives innovation?

Google calls it internally as moon shots or 10X. Sundar Pichai goes on to say that the first thought at google for innovation is think about what billion people will want to use and will solve problem of them.

Google aim high, set the bar to a level till where other have not though off.

Aim as high as you fail, because if you aim high enough there is no competition and in the event of failure your bound to achieve something great and add to your permanent learning.

The thought is if the product is successful then everyone should be able to use it. The features and compatibility is for all the demography of the world over.

The best example of it is The Google Maps, it has all the information about the places around you.

He spoke about techniques of deep neural network and computing has revolutionaries India. Now as the computational power has improved immensely, it supports deep learning simulation and algorithms effectively.

The technologies like the translators, voice recognition, voice identification are the tipping point of technology.

In India – The potential is there, and its developing. It will take time to fully develop and gain the momentum.

India gives too high preference to education, people coming to IIT immediately thinks about going to IIM for the management course. But in the USA student don’t think about their majors, they explore everything and take up the field for which they are most passionate about.

Indian education system is more of following set pattern. Academics is important but not everything there should also be focus on training, practical and real experience.

How is it leading google…?

It is not a single person effort that is all about. Google now scales to 60,000 employees and I have been employed. The good team of leader makes my job easy. It’s about transferring or learning to let go and empowering the team.

As a leader your job is to make those people successful. Your work is to remove barriers and road blocks for them.

Sundar says”I still joke about the fact that, I got into google because Larry stopped interviewing people”