Public Communication : Win the Heart before Controlling the Mind

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Yes, in any Conversation / Public Communication it is very important to win the heart of the person before trying to control their mind.

There is situation where people start speaking their motive out, rather than perceiving the receiver first. It is very important that you talk about casual things, talk as per the environment around and then see if the other person wants to give your motive a hearing.

It happened to me during last summers, I was posted in Bengaluru for my training by my employer. On the very first weekend I went to a club had taken a drink and was sitting alone. I saw two guys approaching me with some papers in their hand, I started to asses them immediately. On their arrival they started teaching me about certain religion and how it changes life and can give you great life. I requested them to get out of my face but they persisted and preached about it targeting to convert my beliefs. I was angry that how can they tell me that I am living the life in a wrong way and won’t go to heaven. That time I needed good company to hang out, not people questioning my religion.

From this story I am trying to tell you that when they approached me they should have assessed the situation that I was sitting alone in a club on a Saturday, what would that mean?

I do not have anyone with me and I am alone. I would expect them to call me in for a drink with them, if they really were so concerned and wanted to socialise.

The fact was if they had approached me in a friendlier manner I would have loved to listen to them may be even believe them to some extent.

Talking to a person with a clear intention is important. When you need to start your conversation with a new person do not tell him that his whole belief system and lifestyle is wrong.

Take care of the above points and you would do fine.

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