Pay the seat selection charge when you fly, to sit with your spouse/ friend/ family

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Families bonding may be a popular theme in airline commercials, but in the airline corporate houses they are a figure of commercial use. The latest revenue generator in the industry comes from ensuring that the ‘families that fly together pay to sit together.’ The seat selection charge.
The ‘seat selection fee’ made its debut over eight years ago, but in India it’s only this year that this fee has emerged in a ruthless avatar.

While Air India introduced the fee in May, private carrier Jet Airways revised its seat selection fee recently.

Currently, for a family of three on board a flight from, say Delhi to London, the additional one-way cost of sitting together would come to Rs 9,000 on Air India. It would be Rs 4,500 on Jet Airways, and if the bulkhead/exit row seats with more legroom are chosen, the fee would soar by Rs 10,500. Even the middle seats are charged.

After the Indian aviation regulator,DGCA, put a cap on baggage fees and cancellation fees this year, airlines have turned to seat selection fee to raise their ancillary revenue from non-ticket sources, such as baggage fees, preferred seat, food bought on board, etc.

What to expect Next? (FACKED UP)

Airlines will levy an Oxygen Charge, based on your age group, height, weight, travel distance, change in pressure etc for the air you would breath up in the air and the fuel charges to have 100% discount.