Mercedes C250d the new Non AMG batch

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The C-class Mercedes C250d is the most powerful diesel Sedan in its class. It is an all new young design which is to please, it pure intention is luxury. Talking about the drive, it is tuned to produce more power out of same diesel motor as in 2.2lit 220d. It would give you’re the real thrust in your spine when you pressure the paddle. Quite a lot of torque is available at even low engine revs which gives you the acceleration in consistent straight graph.


It is as alive with 204bhp of power and 500Nm of torque when it comes to analysing the design sheet. The engine is mated with a 9-speed automatic Rear wheel drive transmission. TheMercedes C250d is the most powerful non-AMG C-class which makes it the quickest. It just takes 7.7 sec for 0-100 kph which is 0.5sec slower then BMW 320d. it is coupled with 9 speed automatic boost-efficiency by keeping engine under 1200rpm. The cost of the drive is a generous Rs. 44.36 Lakhs.

Mercedes Handling stability with first-class comfort – Suspension

The damping of each wheel self-adjusts according to the current driving situation and the condition of the road. This happens fast and precisely by means of two separate valves for rebound and compression in each damper. AIRMATIC thereby provides maximum ride comfort for any situation. With increasing speed the soft basic suspension set-up transforms into safe handling stability. The separate adjustment of rebound and compression by means of dedicated valves results in reduced vibrations and thus quieter actuation noises.


Mercedes Comfort and Sport

The sport suspension included with AIRMATIC allows raising the ride height on poor roads: a possible spread of up to 4cm, let the drivers gain additional ground clearance while stationary and while driving. Four level sensors permanently determine the load on the vehicle suspension and alters the height to suite the ride comfort during maneuvering of the vehicle. This is a very useful provision which is performed by a feedback loop to the vehicle ECU. The pneumatic self-leveling suspension fully automatically adapts the ride height independent of the load. In order to minimise aerodynamic drag, the system lowers the ride height automatically from a speed of 100 km/h.

Mercedes Tailor-made driving experience

In “Sport+” mode the sporty character can be enhanced even further. It offers even more dynamic settings for the suspension and the powertrain. The ECO start/stop function is deactivated. The “ECO” drive program is designed to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption. It includes adjustments to the accelerator pedal curve and shift points, as well as ECO displays in the instrument cluster. In addition, the output of equipment features such as seat heating, rear window defroster, auxiliary heater or the cooling power of the climate control system are reduced. The “Individual” mode allows specific calibration of the engine, transmission, suspension and steering to the selected program and consequently perfects the driving experience. For example, drivers can combine a comfortable, light steering feel with a sporty-firm setting of the AIRMATIC air suspension.

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