We Humans are more Evil than the great intellect King Ravana

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The Story is narrated by Ravana himself to every person who considers him an evil king. The Good vs Evil.

I am Ravana. Today everybody everywhere around will burn a cracker filled dummy of mine. The message is victory of good over evil but is it true do you really think that way. Was I actually so bad as compared to today’s human being? If Lakshmana wouldn’t have insulted my sister, why would I have kidnapped Sita. Even though I kidnapped Sita but did I at all force Sita ji or misbehave with her. I just waited for her reply. In the whole Universe there isn’t a Powerful man like me still I maintained my decorum. I even took care of her comfort and purity. I was equally taking care of her comfort, so I kept her in a distant Ashok Vatika a place where there were female care takers who were her messenger as well. Ravana said I never kept her in my palace because I respect her Integrity and that people should not doubt on her character.

People say Rama is the most noblest of all human being, but what about me, My son, brothers’, relatives everybody died in the war but I never used Sita ji as a revenge option and till the end maintained my being respected human decorum.

In my Golden Kingdom Lanka was a very rich place where nobody was poor, there was justice to all. People in Lanka led a complete and comfortable living.

When Hanuman killed my son still I maintained my duty as a ruler and only burnt his tail but what happened Hanuman burnt my whole empire with his tail also when Angad visited my Kingdom I honored him respectfully for he being the son of my friend, I could have on the other hand just arrested him.

All my brothers including Kumbhkaran loved me so much only Vibheeshana did not understood my emotions, I had passed an order that in my kingdom either Lord Shiva should be worshipped or me but he worshipped Lord Vishnu. I never punished him for that and gave him the liberty of right to worship. I also knew that he favored and sympathized Rama still I allowed him to go Rama’s shelter. I could have arrested him and put him in prison. I did not put him in prison and let him go to Rama because I knew that I’ll soon be killed along with my son and relatives, so there should be someone to inherit our hirer So I Chose Vibheeshana as he was a calm soft spoken and religious person.

Since an ancestral period for so many generations now, my cracker filled dummy are being burnt till date.

The Big Question I ask – “I have not been forgiven but today’s generation who is following this custom, what are they doing?”

Today how brutally the females are being treated, A couple along with their two children was burnt live, another verdict: A female was dripped naked and beaten in public by the police, Why have we closed our eyes on this and not reacting. Many other incidents like small girl children raped and killed, So is it justiciable, these people?? Do they have the right to take action on me…No, they don’t. Either they should ‘STOP’ this illiterate illegal brutal behavior of theirs or they should ‘STOP’ burning me.

As I am a criminal (aparadhi) but not vicious(durachari/adharmi), but today people are Criminal as well as vicious.

Ravana Says “So If you are flaming me put all your evils also into flame otherwise you don’t have the right to flame me either. Then only you can say Dussehra is a win of GOOD over EVIL.”