Indians more prone to die from cardiovascular diseases: As per report published in a National Daily

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Indians are more likely of a premature heart attack or strokes owing as compared with people in other countries.
Indians are more likely to be affected by cardiovascular diseases at an earlier age as compared to Westerners. Genetic factors, stress and lifestyle make people from the subcontinent more vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes.

In the West, the onset of heart diseases usually occurs in the 60-70 age group but in the Indian subcontinent, heart disease sets in people in their 40s and 50s.
The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) global disease statistics show cardiovascular diseases, including brain and heart attacks, as the two major causes of premature loss of life. The underlying reason for both health crises is due to the narrowing of these blood vessels owing to cholesterol deposits.

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Indians are vulnerable to higher obesity ratios in the abdominal region. Even diabetes and high blood pressure are more common in the Indian population as compared to Westerners.

An increase in the number of patients (in age bracket of 32-45) with cardiovascular diseases is observed in the subcontinent, here people have smaller arteries with accumulating cholesterol deposited.
Some of the significant factors that have contributed to Indians becoming more prone to heart attacks and strokes are industrialization and globalization leading to unhealthy eating patterns. This is blamed on lack of exercise and smoking, which have led to an epidemic of conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol.