Hyperloops – transforming the travel and restructuring business models

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Hyperloop One is innovation in travel, moving people and things quickly anywhere in the world. this system IS SAFE, quick, efficient, cheap, very little impact on the environment, etc. the system uses electric propulsion to accelerate the capsule with passenger or cargo. This vehicle just operates slightly above the track and glides at speeds above what passengers aircraft have achieved. The NVH ( Noise Vibration & Harshness, will discuss about it in another article)is deeply focused eliminating direct emissions, noise, vibration transfer and harshness. Hyperloop is the next big thing to revolutionize the way one moves, shrinking the time barrier reinventing the business models.

  1. Hyperloop One is a new form of transportation between Los angles and San Francisco
  2. The Concept – A capsule Full of people which is travelling in low pressure tube elevated on pylons goes at very high speed.
  3. The estimated cost of one passenger capsule is $6 billion and for cargo is $10 billion.Hyperloops3
  4. Hyperloop’s geometry is streamlined, Leading Face Compressor and Proper Aerodynamic Simulation for compression of air and flow dynamics.
  5. The tube is vacuum with pressure as low as 0.1 kpa which gives almost zero air resistance, the movement is carried out due to magnet present at every 100 kms of the tube which gives it the force to move forward.
  6. The capsule height and width is approximately 1.2 m and has an air barrier between the interior and exterior wall.
  7. The speed is equivalent to speed of sound i.e. 1000 km/hr….
  8. The tube will be built using reinforced concrete, the construction would have a challenge of keeping it as straight as possible and the construction cost would be about $2.5 billion for passengers and $3.5 billion for cargo.
  9. Hyperloop was proposed by Elon Musk. This works on clean green solar energy saving cost and environment. It’s the most efficient and cost effective replacement to high speed rail. Its construction cost is 1/20th of high speed rail.

It has 4 testing facility researched and developed by Hyperloops itself, these are:

  1. Blade Runner: to test the scaled axial compressor blades and aerodynamic structure in environment equivalent to 0.001 of atmosphere. It also has variable throat design to vary the airflow from subsonic to supersonic.
  2. Levitation Rig: It is capable of achieving pressure down to 0.001 of atmosphere and achieves a speed of 300 m/s. This is necessary to simulate and verify the super innovative levitation system.
  3. The Big Tube: It is the largest piece of hardware composed of carbon steel vessel; this is live size prototype to verify the tube design and its performance.
  4. The Tube Lab: It is an incredibly flexible lab that houses two CAD / FEA stations, data acquisition hardware, light hardware fabrication, test monitoring stations, and cold drinks.

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