Hindu Mythology: The Story of Tulsi and Lord Vishnu

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We worship it, We protect it: The auspicious plant Tulsi has got a great credibility in Hindu Mythology. There is a belief in India for this plant. India is a spiritual country where people believe in spiritualism.

Who was TULSI?

TULSI (plant) in her pre-birth was a girl, named Vrinda. She was born in a monster family. She was a big believer of Lord Vishnu. She used to dedicate most of her time in worshipping Lord Vishnu. She was married to Monster Raj Jalandar who belonged to another Royal Monsrter Family. Monster Raj Jalandar was born and raised by the sea. Vrinda was a lady of pure soul who whole heartedly was devoted to her husband.

The WAR between the Gods and the Monster

Once there happened a WAR between the Gods and Monsters, Monster Jalander was into preparations of war, a worried Vrinda approached Monster and said “My lord, While you will be away for war with gods, I will pray for your safety, long life and victory till you come back.” She started for the Powerful Religious Ritual , offered prayers to Lord Vishnu. As a power of her prayer no God could defeat Monster Raj Jalandar. All the other God were stressed off and went to Lord Vishnu whom Vrinda was worshipping and told their problem. On their request for help – Lord Vishnu said “Vrinda is my true worshipper, so I cannot deceive her. All the other Gods persuaded Lord Vishnu to find a solution otherwise the Gods would be in trouble. They said “Oh Lord Vishnu please find some other way-out , If you want you can definitely find some way out. Only you can help us.”

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The story then moved to Vrinda Palace where Lord Vishnu disguised as Monster Raj Jalandar’svisited to break her prayers. As soon as Vrinda saw her husband she stopped praying touched the feet of Lord Vishnu in disguise of her husband. On the break of her prayer Monster Jalandar was defeated. His head and body were separated. The head fell on Vrinda’s feet. Seeing Jalandar’s head Vrinda came to her real sense realizing that the person present there is not her master, she was in state shock, despair and felt the betrayal of her trust in the Lord.

Lord Vishnu comes in his original persona and could not speak anything. Vrinda understands and in annoyance curses Lord Vishnu “You should become a stone”. The Curse was so strong that Lord Vishnu did turn to statue of stone.

How the plant got its Name and Place in the Hindu Mythology?

God and Goddess got worried, in a distressful commotion Goddess Lakshmi started praying. Vrinda then lifted the curse and Lord Vishnu transformed back to normal.

Vrinda took the head and puts herself on her husband’s funeral Pyre. There is a plant which roots up from the ashes of their burnt body. Lord Vishnu names the plant as TULSI and gives it a boon of being with non-anthropomorphic symbol of Lord Vishnu named Shaligram. Later on Shaligram and TULSI was married in Kartik month, on the day of DEV-UTHAVANI Ekadashi, we celebrate the marriage of TULSI.