The Highlights of Volvo XC90 Luxury SUV Features and Specification: India

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The Volvo XC90 idea of luxury. Luxury reflected in the eyes of an onlooker. Luxury that’s in the detailing of design and the intuitiveness of technology. Luxury that’s Swedish in design and India’s Most Awarded SUV.


Some Highlight features of the XC90 you cannot miss.

Best Orthopaedic Seats in House

It has up to 7 full-sized seats, each designed with spine support and superior comfort. In the new XC 90 The placement and rear seat design is such that there is extra room for each occupant.

top view XC90

Efficiency with the Fuel

Our Drive-E powertrain delivers the best in class fuel consumption with fuel-efficient gear ratios and optimized aerodynamics. It will give you 9.2 Kmpl on highway driving.

Bowers & Wilkins Sound System

A 19-speaker System for a cinematic crystal sound experience in the cabin. Bower & Wilkins sound systems are the world’s best sound design system, the XC90 can transformed into a Gothenburg Concert Hall, a majestic stage or an epic recording studio.

Control your car with smartphone

With Volvo on call app, you can do it all remotely from your smartphone. Get roadside assistance, start your engine, check the fuel level, preheat in the winter, cool down in the summer – and lock or unlock your car doors.

Pilot Assist

The Pilot Assist feature helps you automatically maintain a set speed or safe distance from the car in front of you. Plus, it can assist you with steering, acceleration, deceleration and braking up to 80mph.


It saves your driving style in its memory

The XC90’s “Driver Profile” let you save and edit your personal settings by linking them to your remote key. So seat distance, mirror angle, centre display brightness – will be stored in your profile. This will be applied every time your remote key is used.

All roads, all weather

With All-Wheel drive, the XC90 is ready for any kind of weather – giving you extra confidence and control when you need it. The instant traction TM feature provides the best possible grip in all situations- be it Wet, Slippery or Dry. That means when a tire loses traction, power is reduced to that wheel and instantly transferred to the more sure-footed wheels.


Watch the exquisite advertisement video and fall in for the XC90.




A new family of engines

An 8 Speed automatic gearbox makes the engine more efficient than ever. The advanced gearbox results in quiet, smooth shifts for optimal durability and maximum efficiency. The fuel saving technology like the Auto start stop function reinforces our environment friendly approach.

Interior XC90

How do you feel to drive like

Multiple drive modes with unique characteristics let you select different settings for the engine. Just to name a few, check out Dynamic for quicker gear changes and faster take off. Choose ECO to drive with s little impact on the environment as possible. Try off Road to facilitate driving on poor road and in difficult conditions.

Safety World Class

Read Full Detail on Volvo XC90 Safety:

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Specification Card for Volvo XC90 India Version


Engine1969cc, 4-cylinder, turbo-diesel
Power225bhp at 4250rpm
Torque470Nm at 1750-2500rpm
Transmission8A, AWD
0-100kph8.1 sec
Fuel Efficiency8.1 city / 9.2kpl highway
PriceRs 1.25 crore