The Facts about Hyperloop Concept: Autonomous Mobility Now in Dubai

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As per report from Hyperloop One, they had a great meeting with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA). The meeting was held at Burj Khalifa tower for the purpose of contract finalization to discover high speed routes where Hyperloop network can be spread across United Arab Emirates with the RTA (runs all the public transport- road, metro, maritime) in Dubai and connects with the infrastructure of greater UAE and the Gulf region beyond.

The Target is Dubai to Abu Dhabi is under 12 minutes. It is 125 kms and takes 2 hours by road, this taking under 12 minutes. Imagine the headlines and disruption in the transportation model. Hyperloop One is gaining ground quickly and focusing to transform the business models drastically.

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The Proposal is under study for feasibility work and planning schedule. The next deal to explore is a cargo system with DP World. The next 12 weeks will be spent working with design and architecture firm BIG, transportation consultants at McKinsey & Co., and the RTA to figure out where and how to build what would likely be a hybrid passenger-freight system in Emirates. With this next step they become our customer and will sponsor this study. “Dubai makes perfect sense for Hyperloop One because this is the 21st century’s global transport hub and its leaders understand that Hyperloops One is ushering in the next era of transportation,” says Shervin Pishevar, Executive Chairman, Hyperloop One.

Lets Know The Hyperloop better

What will it be like to ride the Hyperloop? The images coming out today show how much better travel can be as an experience if you break it down to first principles. Our engineering, product and business teams worked with the thinkers at BIG over the last six months and came up with an original system design that solves the challenge of loading lots of passengers quickly into a Hyperloop tube while creating whole new opportunities to deliver a better passenger experience.

Hyperloop capsule
The Capsule

The set of products we’re showing include Hyperportals (the equivalent of stations or airports) and autonomous Hyperpods that dock into a Hyperloop One transporter for longer distance travel but otherwise zip around town on their own. Our infrastructure doesn’t have to work with our pods alone.

They have done it with self-driving Teslas, BMWs, or any of the urban mini-cars on the horizon. And we’ll partner with companies like Uber and Didi to build networks in cities everywhere. Hyperloop One will be the range extender for the connected urban vehicle cloud. You can imagine all kinds of data and services we can deliver off that platform. It’s a huge new product direction for us and we’re going to be filling in the details as we head toward the public Kitty Hawk demonstration next year.

Set up Construction
Set up Construction

The Hyperpod concept unlocks a bigger vision for what Hyperloop One can be as a company. No other transportation infrastructure can combine the freedom of individual travel with the efficiency of collective travel. Giegel said it best earlier today when he declared that “today we become more than just a pod-in-a-tube company” or “the fast train from San Francisco to Los Angeles” and plant stakes in the bigger arena of autonomous mobility.

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**This information is based on Hyperloops One publishing.