Coventry University: My Experience, Learning and Stay

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The Coventry University Campus was spread all over the town of Coventry. The energy of the place was amazing and inspiring. The young crowd was totally cool and supportive. The town was small and quite having a young vibrant night life. The architecture, the buildings, the green areas , the roads , the houses very all a spectacle to watch for one reason their perfection of built quality and its maintenance . The enrollment process took a bit of time about two days I guess. Our lecturers were scheduled to start after a week from our arrival. I had taken accommodation with few other from India but they were enrolled into some other course and one Romanian guy.


Food And Living

The food was good at taste and there was no issue at all for an Indian to absorb UK taste and if you were there a non vegetarian, it’s a blessing. The burgers, pitta’s , sandwiches, fish n chips, chicken n chips etc and I can go on for ever. The classes started, our batch met and to my surprise 70% were Indians . The town of Coventry is famous for being the automotive hub of England. The MSc course in Automotive Engineering is way more famous . Coventry is a part of west midlands county located in south England, 2 hours from London by Train. All the people were very nice in our batch expect for few exception and that is everywhere . I will not talk about my learning as in education much but the way they teach and what are the lessons you can learn from their education system.

The Course


The subject programs were all taught, but we were assessed on the basis of defined individual projects or group projects as per requirement. The concept was to look at the limit a student goes to research and amount of effort he takes to consult the dedicated faculty and lab system. The question was given to us with basic knowledge delivered to us during lectures. There was no learning by heart to prove your worth, the better a person is in research and the path he adopts is more important, the Answer to the asked question is just one small part of assessment. We had open platform to think research, no dedicated set algorithms, availability of guides (faculty) only if we had questions and not get straight answers, the library, the design software labs and other ample number of doubt clearing groups.

A student from India would face problem initially but once you get the hang of it you can excel in that system. You will be judge and marked as per your effort and the outcome of it. You will be grilled deep about the presentation technique as no matter how many efforts you put in if your presentations and dictations are poor the message might not pass into the assessors.

What I got back from the system of education they have

  • Confidence to face any level of people
  • Work hard to the best of my ability not what the others would be expecting.
  • Take Guidance and Learn at each step
  • Never stop adding to your knowledge, keep reading because gaining knowledge is a never-ending vast ocean
  • Knowledge and information can earn you big and will never be wasted.

The Stay and course were memorable in all the ways, I still miss it. I found really good company and have great friends from Coventry.