Commercial Vaastu Handbook: Everything you should know

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It is studied at two levels MACRO & MICRO level. In case a new project is being started the considerations considering Macro level should be strictly adhered to. But in case of existing structures without making any major reconstruction changes, factors considering Micro level are taken care of.

Macro Level

  1. Orientation of premises
  2. Road Direction
  3. Plantation in & Around premises
  4. Water body in & Around premises
  5. Open spaces in Around premises

Micro Level

  1. Location of Machinery
  2. Location of Cables
  3. Entry of Raw Materials
  4. Storage of Raw Materials
  5. Exit of goods
  6. Storage of finished goods.
  7. Boiler location
  8. Location of cooling tower, A/C Plant etc.
  9. Location of cash counter.


Orientation and Road directionOrientation of any factory, department store, Shops, Offices, Hotels etc. should preferably be NORTH or EAST.

Clothes and departmental Store Road direction, office and Road direction – EAST

Showrooms of Vehicles — EAST and NORTH WEST.

Agricultural goods – seeds, pipes etc.—WEST.

Orientation: -Food and Entertainment business – SOUTH. Shops dealing with ladies requirement like jewelry, Cosmetics, dress material – SOUTH EAST and SOUTH.

Plantation in and around premises: Dense shady trees should be in SOUTH and SOUTH WEST. NORTH EAST and NORTH only low shrubs and plants of medicinal values like Tulsi.

No dense and tall plantation in the center of building.

WATER BODY: In and around premises. It is auspicious to have a central open space. Construction should be preferably on SOUTH WEST side of plot, leaving more open space to NORTH and EAST.


Location of CABIN/DISH – SOUTH WEST corner of building should be used by owner. On the same lines the CABIN of head of operations like CEO, directors etc. should be in SOUTH WEST.

OWNER/CEO/ DIRECTOR: should sit facing EAST or NORTH. NORTH and EAST locations give effective results for other staff, should occupy SOUTH WEST. Locate the general office in NORTH, EAST or NORTH EAST to obtain maximum productivity among the staff. Lower staff/sales should not occupy SOUTH WEST.

CONFERENCE ROOM: Should be located in NORTH, NORTH EAST or NORTH WEST. Avoid SOUTH EAST for conference purposes.




ADMIN/ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT in NORTH facing EAST for good fund movement.

Location of TELEPHONE and COMMUNICATION SYSTEM should be either in SOUTH EAST, EAST or NORTH for effective conversation.

CASH COUNTER: If the owner sits facing EAST. CASH box should be in Right side. While if he sits facing NORTH the cash box should be to his left. The best location for CASH COUNTER is NORTH EAST, NORTH or EAST. While the SAFE should be located in the SOUTH WEST with the opening towards NORTH EAST or EAST.

SALES COUNTER: Best direction of sales counter is when salesman faces NORTH WEST and the consumer faces SOUTH EAST. So, it should be either in NORTH EAST, WEST, EAST or NORTH WEST. As this area is related to AIR element so SALES people will be motivated to move out into field to promote sales.

DELIVERY COUNTER: Should be in the NORTH WEST. Sales man should be facing NORTH WEST. Good results are also obtained by locating delivery counter in NORTH and WEST. All the stocks should be kept along SOUTH WEST Walls, and never along EAST or NORTH Walls. SOUTH and WEST are second best options. Show window can be on any side depending on ENTRANCE or FRONT of the building but in case of NORTH and EAST orientation of SHOW WINDOW, It should be kept least loaded.

Location of Machinery – SOUTH and SOUTH WEST

Entry of Raw Material – SOUTH WEST, SOUTH and WEST.

Storage of Raw Material – SOUTH, WEST and SOUTH WEST.

Storage of Finished Goods – NORTH WEST, WEST.

Outlet of finished Goods – NORTH WEST.

NOTE: Any add on structure like STAFF QUARTERs should be in SOUTH WEST.

Direction Of Main DoorKitchenChildren’s Bed Room
North East10South East10North West 10
East10North West8South East9
South East2West6East7
North West2South5North East6
South West10North East0South2
West9South West0South West0

Guest Bed RoomMaster Bed RoomDrawing/Dining
North West10West10East 10
North9South 9North9
East8West8North East8
North East 7North5South East7
South West6East4North West6
West5South East3West5
South2North East2South4
South West0North West1South West3


Underground TankToiletGarage / Servant RoomLocation of House within the Plot
North East10North West10North West10South West10
East9West9South East9South9
North West5North7East7North West7
West4East6West6South East6
South East5South East5South4North0
South West10South West0North East0East0
South0North East10South West0North0

Types of Offices, Work Type and Locations

BASEMENT: If a structure has to go deep inside the ground level then should it should be on the NORTH EAST or NORTH side.

UPPER FLOOR: Should be on the SOUTH and SOUTH WEST. Should never on the NORTH EAST, NORTH and EAST.

STAIR CASE: should be on the SOUTH WEST Wall. We should never build any POOJA ROOM or TOILETs under the STAIR CASE.

TOILETs: Toilets should not be in the NORTH-EAST direction as they can create financial constraints etc.

PANTRY and KITCHEN: Should be on the SOUTH EAST.

PUJA ROOM: Should be on the NORTH EAST.

CHIMNEYs: Should be on the SOUTH EAST and EAST.

A/C PLANT: Should be on the NORTH and NORTH EAST.

BOILER: Should be on the SOUTH EAST and EAST.


COLD STORAGE: Should be on the WEST and SOUTH.


STEAM and SAUNA: Should be on the SOUTH EAST and SOUTH.

GYM: Should be on the SOUTH WEST.

AEROBICS: Should be on the NORTH EAST and EAST.

Number of Doors should never be in the multiples of ten. While buying the premises one should check that the shape of the premises should strictly be a SQUARE or RECTANGULAR.

COMPOUND WALL: The Compound Wall should be highest and thickest towards the SOUTH EAST and SOUTH WEST, and thin and low towards the NORTH EAST and EAST.

MEDICAL: Consultation Rooms of the Doctors should be in the WEST or NORTH WEST. Doctor should always face EAST or NORTH. Head of the Patient while examining should be towards SOUTH and SOUTH WEST. All the Analysis and Machines should be in the SOUTH EAST.

STORAGE: Should be on the SOUTH and SOUTH WEST Walls. OPERATION THEATRE should be in the SOUTH WEST direction. Doctors’ while operating should face EAST or NORTH while Patients’ head should be in the SOUTH or SOUTH WEST.


DOORS – Well painted.

 – No irritating noise while opening or closing. It disturbs Positive Energies.

 – Also, no Automatic opening or closing Doors.

DUSTBINConcealed – Should never be kept next to the door.

DISPLAY beautiful flowers or images should be displayed, when visitor enters the premises his face shouldn’t face a Door. Always Doors on ZIGZAG pattern to enable energy reach all corners.

DO not install MIRROR or mirror like object in front of the MAIN DOOR, as they repel Positive Energy.

The RECEPTION COUNTER should be in the NORTH, never in the SOUTH, SOUTH EAST or SOUTH WEST. It should not be very high or have a business LOGO. The COUNTER TOP should not feature reflective glass.

A WATER body in the RECEPTION area is very auspicious; however, the WATER flow should not be towards the MAIN DOOR, as this signifies—WEALTH going out of premises.

SEATING for Guests and Visitors should be along the WESTERN Wall.

NORTHERN wall – LIGHTER plus lot of WINDOWs and OPENINGs than in the SOUTHERN Wall.

All CLOSETsSTORAGE – SOUTHERN Walls as Magnetic Energy flows from SOUTH to NORTH.

So, NORTH shouldn’t be burdened.


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