The Car Launch line up for 2017 in brief

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The New Year is ringing in with many new Car of 2017. The new year and past year have seen a shift in the technology preference. The safety has gone up, the structure is light weight, the electronics is new, the transmission is turning electric and more of a hybrid. The Automotive products of 2017.



The new Chevorlet Cruze in 2017 is fresh and further refined. The aggressive styling, swept-back coupe-like silhouette and large 17-inch alloys make it quite the stunner. While it’s lighter, hence more frugal, Chevrolet has also made it larger, which means the interior is more spacious. Space aside, the low-set cabin is quite upmarket and uses high-quality materials.

chevrolet cruz

Fully loaded variants are likely to get features like a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and 4G compatibility, in-car Wi-Fi Hotspot connectivity, wireless phone charging and heated leather seats. The current car’s 166hp 2.0-litre diesel engine is likely to be replaced by a slightly less powerful, but more efficient 1.6-litre turbo-diesel. Also, with petrol cars back in vogue, a 155hp, 1.4-litre, direct-injection turbo-petrol is also likely to be introduced here.

Launch: End 2017

Price: Rs.12-15 lakh

Engines: 1.4P, 1.6D



The Audi A3 is enhanced with many graceful features. Updates to the car include sportier bumpers, a bigger hexagonal grille, and new A4 headlamps that can be opted with Audi’s Matrix LED technology. The options list is also likely to include paddle shifters for the new flat-bottom steering and the all-digital Virtual Cockpit instrument cluster. The biggest change will, however, be under the hood – the smaller 1.4-litre TFSI petrol from the new A4 will replace the current car’s 1.8-litre petrol unit.

Coming: Late 2016

Price: Rs.25-30 lakh

Engines: 1.4P, 2.0D


WITH THE LATEST A4, Audi as perhaps near perfected the recipe for the entry-level luxury sedan. It’s got the ride, the handling, a tech-packed and luxurious interior, and even an impressive ARAI-acclaimed fuel economy of 17.4kpl with the 1.4-litre TSI petrol. And now, it will get a punchy 2.0-litre diesel engine that the VW Group plans to localize in India. The unit produces 190hp and a healthy 400 Nm and will be paired with a seven-speed duel-clutch automatic gearbox. It is also likely to get the option of a more affordable six-speed manual which should be a hit with both, chauffeur-driven owners and enthusiasts.


Coming: Late 2016

Price: Rs.39-45 lakh

Engine: 2.0 D



Accord, a rival to the Skoda Superb and Toyota Camry, came with the choice of two petrol engines. But this time around, it gets an all-new model with a hybrid powertrain – a 2.0-litre petrol paired with two electric motors delivering a total of 215hp and 300Nm. It will compete with the Toyota Camry Hybrid and upcoming VW Passat GTE.

However, unlike simpler hybrids like the Camry, the Accord can operate on pure EV mode for a limited range of 2km. In addition to its high-tech powertrain, it gets a long equipment list as well. Six airbags, ABS, EBD and a 7.7-inch touchscreen infotainment system come as standard. Sadly, being a full import, it’s likely to be priced at around Rs40 lakh – a good Rs10 lakh dearer than the locally assembled Camry Hybrid. Too Expensive for its name.

Coming: This month

Price: Rs.40 lakh

Engine: 2.0 P + electric



The New Aerodynamically correct design language is the new MERCEDES, is here to please you maybe. It could be a bit of a task to tell the all-new E-class from the C-class and the S-class. It’s even built using the same set of mechanical bits as the other two. As a result, it’s lighter, despite being bigger than the current model it will replace.

The highlight of the new E-class is the fact that it will debut tech such as automatic evasive steering, automated parking and a host of driver aids even before they make it into the S-class. Its interior design too mirrors that of the larger S-class on higher variants. It gets two 12.3 inch TFT displays placed side by side – one for the instrument cluster and the second for the COMAND infotainment system. The car is initially expected to carry over the current car’s petrol and diesel engines, with more advanced 2.0- and 3.0-litre in-line diesel-powered units arriving later. More importantly, India will get the long-wheel-base models only.


Coming: Mid 2017

Price: Rs.55-70 lakh

Engines: 2.0 P, 2.1 D, 3.0 D


Toyota Prius is bag full of mixed emotions and features. Read all about technical specification and features on the vehicle. It’s the future and the present of automotive technology and environment requirement energy conservation and emission control. And that’s precisely what Toyota intends to change with this rather radical-looking latest iteration of it.

We drove it recently, and are happy to report that this all new Prius, built on Toyota’s new modular architecture is a better drive than before. However, the best seat in the house is still at the rear. The deal-breaker, as it’s always been, is the hefty expected ex-showroom price tag of around Rs.40 lakh.


Coming: 2017

Price: Rs.40 lakh

Engine: 1.8 P + electric



IF YOU ARE looking for a big luxury car that will mostly be chauffeur-driven, the ES300h, Lexus’ entry ticket into India, is a must have in your list of probable’s. The ‘h’ in the name stands for the car’s hybrid powertrain – a 2.5-litre petrol paired with an electric motor.

It will take on the VW Passat and the Honda Accord hybrids, and like its rivals, the first few models will be CBU imports. However, it shares its hardware with the Toyota Camry – making it easy to build locally – and so, ES300h is likely to be the first Lexus to be assembled in India. More reliable hybrid.


Coming: March 2017

Price: Rs.45 lakh

Engine: 2.5 P + electric


THE PASSAT will return to India in an all-new avatar and will get a plug-in hybrid variant in the Passat GTE. Unlike its rivals, the Camry and Accord hybrids, it can be either charged via a regular power socket, or by its 156hp 1.4-litre TSI petrol motor. The powertrain produces a combined 218hp and 400Nm, which makes this sedan quite fleet-footed. For short trips, though, its claimed electric range of 50km alone should serve you well.

VW will initially import a small batch of GTEs, likely to cost a lofty Rs.40 lakh apiece. It will be launched with a 1.8-litre petrol and hybrid powertrain, and will get 2.0-litre diesel-powered variants later.


Coming: January 2017

Price: Rs.30-40 lakh

Engines: 1.8 P, 1.4 P + electric, 2.0 D



DURING THE RECENT globe unveiling of the spanking new Compass, Jeep was quick to declare its plans of assembling this model in India at FCA’s Ranjangaon plant. And so, this small SUV, with an expected price tag of Rs.20 lakh could be model that gives the company some much-needed traction in India.

The Compass is a Hyundai Tucson-sized SUV that looks like a mini Grand Cherokee. Like the Grand Cherokee, it features slim headlamps, an upright stance, massive ground clearance and big alloy wheels. It’s likely to come to India with a Fiat-sourced 172hp 2.0-litre turbo-diesel which will send power to the front wheels on base variants via a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Higher variants will get AWD with a locking differential and a low-range gearbox.

But for enthusiasts, Jeep is likely to bring in a Trailhawk variant that’s jacked up further by 20mm, and gets off-road tyres, extra body cladding and tougher underbody protection. With all that kit, it’s safe to say that the Compass is sure to be the most capable off-roader in its segment. It’s a Worth buy for the money.

Coming: End 2017

Price: Rs.20 lakh

Engines: 2.0 D



LAST YEAR, CHEVROLET launched its Fortuner-rivalling Trailblazer in India. It’s got a new face, and new LED tail-lamps, but proportionally remains the same as the outgoing model.

The Interior too has been revised and features an updated center console and better quality materials. Its current 200hp 2.8-litre Duramax turbo-diesel and six-speed automatic gearbox though, are likely to be carried over unchanged. Not to impressive.


Coming: April 2017

Price: Rs.25 lakh

Engine: 2.8 D



Mercedes brought out its own SUV-coupe in the form of the GLE Coupe. Now, Mercedes plans on introducing the coupe body style on the smaller GLC. It shares its running gear with the regular GLC, but chucks the boxy roofline for a swooping, sexier silhouette, that’s sure to ramp up its ability to turn heads.

Initially expected to arrive as the petrol-powered GLC Coupe 300, it could also get an AMG-line variant which will give it some go for its show.

Coming: 2017

Price: Rs.55-65 lakh

Engines: 2.0 P, 2.1 D


One concept that did grab a lot of attention at the 2016 Auto Expo is the Go Cross, a GO+ based compact crossover. You’d hardly notice the link between the two though, and that’s thanks to the jacked up stance, beefy body-cladding, skid-plates and radical front end styling of the concept.

So strong was the response to this stylish model, that it’s now slated for an earlier-than-expected launch in 2017. The growing demand for crossovers makes the Go Cross a potential winner for Datsun. However, its success will depend on Datsun’s ability to price it smartly. Interior Material Quality average.

Coming: March 2017


HYUNDAI ALREADY HAS a winning SUV on its hands in the form of the Creta, and now plans to deepen its reach into the premium SUV space with its bigger Tucson. The model sits bang in the middle of Hyundai’s SUV range, between the Creta and the Santa Fe, both in terms of size and positioning.

On the looks front, it’s more like a shrunken Santa Fe than an upsized Creta, and buyers will like that, as tey probably will the well-appointed interiors and 136hp 2.0-litre diesel engine.


Coming: November 2016

Price: Rs.17 lakh

Engine: 2.0 D


To keep it distinct from the Baleno, the Swift is likely to be similar in size to the current model. Exterior styling is expected to be sportier, with larger air dams, a big hexagonal grille, and the familiar ‘floating roofl’ look. Interiors too will receive a major overhaul, and will continue the sporty theme of the exteriors. Highlights include a flat-bottom steering wheel and a hooded instrument binnacle.

Coming `Mid 2017

Price Rs 5-8 Lakh

Engine 1.P,1.2P,1.3D



PART OF CHEVEROLET’S strategy to bring in ten new cars for India by 2020, is the next gen Beat that’s expected to arrive in 2017. A major upgrade of the outgoing car, rather than an all-new model, the new Beat will get a more modern-looking face and a premium interior with features like Chevrolet’s. MyLink touchscreen infotainment system. Engines are likely to include three-pot motors-the current car’s 1.0 –litre diesel and new 1.0-litre petrol.

A more existing option is the Beat Activ, which is a jacked-up crossover version of the Beat, replete with big alloy wheels and body cladding. It is likely to be launched after the hatchback.


Coming 2017

Price Rs 4-6 Lakh

Engine 1.0P,1.0 D




THE BALENO IS Maruti’s first truly successful premium car. This lightweight hatchback, known for its sprightly manners, will introduce Suzuki’s 1.0-litre three-pot turbo-petrol engine in India in RS variant. With 112hp on tap, it’s not a full-on not hatch, but it will definitely give a Plot GT a run for its money.

The added performance and a sporty body kit aside, the RS could get disc brakes on all four corners.


Coming Early 2017

Price Rs 8-10 Lakh

Engine 1.0P



THE ‘PLUS’ IN the name, according to Mahindra, stands for the extra range, extra space and the extra pair of doors that this electric hatch offers over the original e2o. Plus, it sports a new face, and more conventional side profile. It’s got genuine space for four adults, a touchscreen infotainment system and, if you aren’t too enthusiastic with the right pedel, you can traveler over 100k.m.on fully charged battery.

Coming —

Price Rs 8 Lakh

Motor Electric



THE new Land Rover Discovery is more agile, strong, stiff and flexible at the same time, thanks to its aluminum intensive construction, it’s a massive 480 kg lighter. So, expect it to be quicker, more economical and better to drive. Not too lofty a claim considering the Discovery’s massive 220mm ground-clearance (283 mm on models equipped with air suspension) and wading depth of 900mm. also, it gets a low-ratio transfer case and the latest Terrian Response 2.0 system that should make easy work of nay road surface.

JLR’s 2.0 litre Ingenious diesel is likely to be the mainstay engine. While base versions will get type engine in its 180hp state of tune, a twin-turbocharged version of the 2.0 litre diesel, producing 240hp will make its debut in the Discovery. A more powerful 3.0 litre turbo – diesel and supercharged petrol will also be offered. All motors will be paired with eight-speed automatic gearboxes.


Coming late 2017

Price Rs 1.5Crores

Engines 2.0D, 3.0D, 3.0P



MASSIVE SUVS, WEARING the big ‘L’ badge, aren’t rare on our roads. While the models were privately imported until now, with Lexus-Toyota’s luxury bran-entering India, the LX could soon be bought from an official showroom. It’s a rich man’s Land Cruiser that will ferry seven around in the lap of luxury.

Initially, the model be fully imported and so, will be pricey. However, unlike the Land Cruiser, you do get the luxury, equipment styling and the Lexus badge.


Coming March 2017

Price Rs 1.5 Crores

Engines 5.7P, 4.5D



The most awaited, its concept went on display for the first time back in 2012. Land Rover has attempted to make it more fashionable still by lopping off the roof. Its cloth-top folds away in 18 seconds and it can seat four comfortably. And because it says Range Rover on the nose, know that it can still outperform most other luxury SUV’s when you take it off road. Expect it to come with JLR’s new high – tech 2.0 litre ingenious diesel, and probably a 2.0 liter petrol too.

Coming Mid 2017

Price Rs 80 Lakhs

Engines 2.0P, 2.0D



Instead of putting a leaping cat on the hood of an existing Land Rover SUV, Jaguar made a brand new SUV from the lightweight aluminum architecture it uses for the XE and all-new XF.Its instantly recognizable as a Jag, and quite stunning too. Its luxurious interior is a spacious affair, and will keep both self-and chauffeur-driven buyers happy.

Besides being a sporty drive, the all-wheel-drive versions are also capable of dealing with a fair bit of rough stuff. The F-Pace has been introduced with 2.0-and 3.0 litre diesel motors and will a 2.0-litre petrol engine later


Coming this month

Price Rs 68.4 Lakh to 1.12 Crores

Engines 2.0P, 2.0D, 3.0D



FOLLOWING VOLKSWAGEN’S AMEO, its Chevrolet that’s now going to made-in-India, make-for-India a way with the Essentia. It’s a sub – four-metre compact sedan based on the next –gen Beat hatchback that will arrive in 2017. Positioned half a segment below compact sedans like the Swift Dzire, the Essentia will rival Tata’s upcoming Tiago-based compact sedan. However, despite its compact dimensions, the near production-ready concept showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo revealed how well Chevrolet managed to pull off the sedan shape. More importantly, it packs quite a spacious interior for its size. The carmaker also plans on giving the car a premium interior and upmarket features like its MYLink touchscreen infotainment system.


Besides the underpinnings, the sedan will also share the 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol and diesel engines with the Beat hatchback.


Coming March 2017

Price Rs 4.5 to 7 Lakh

Engines 1.0P, 1.0D




THE NEXT 5 SERIES is one of many all-new models that its segment will soon witness. Its features an aluminum-intensive constructions akin to the new 7 series, making it, and as much as 100 kg lighter than the current 5, and hence more fuel-efficient. Its marginally longer, wider and taller too, and much of the freed up room has gone into making the rear seats more spacious.

Besides making it more comfortable and luxurious BMW has also brimmed the 5 series with autonomous driving aids like steering and lane control assist and crossroads warning, most of which unfortunately, won’t make it to the Indian car. However, we will get tech like the gesture-control and voice-command enabled iDrive infotainment system which if offered on the pricier 7-series

Coming Late 2017

Price 55-65 Lakh

Engines 2.0P, 2.0D,3.0D




AUDI’S NEXT-GEN A 8 is likely to raise the bar in the big luxury sedan game, especially in terms of looks and tech. it takes much of its low-slung styling from the futuristic Prologue concept, and futuristic seems to be the theme on the car.

The interior features a virtual dashboard with all functions controlled via three highly configurable screen-a digital instruments cluser, a 4.1 –ince central touchscreen and a smaller unit for the air – con controls.

Engine options are likely to include 4.0 V8 and 6.3-litre petrols, a 3.0 litre diesel, a more potent 4.0-litre V8 diesel with the electric supercharging tech from the SQ7, and even a hybrid powertrain. India could even get a 190hp 2.0 litre four-cylinder diesel in entry level variants


Coming Later 2017

Price 1.2 -2 cores