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The BMW 7 Series is an elegant and classy in its stand. It will impress the onlookers immediately without any doubt.


The Carbon Core Batch with the seven says it all. BMW has taken it quite a distance and used Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics in the vehicle saving about 100kg in weight. They have achieved the development of mass production technology during the i-car project, and have implemented it successfully in the new 7 series. The carbon core is a race or super car advance material technology; BMW has got that to a luxury sedan.


The key remote is a touch screen, yes you heard me. It lets you access the car system from a distance and park it in your garage.



The front grills are made with intelligence. It has the ability to open when the car computer system tells it too. It’s like the air vents changes angles in an airplane to control the air flow into the engine. It opens up when the engine heats up or cooling is required for the components. Its closed rest of the time giving a better aerodynamic design, reducing drag.


The length of the BMW 7 is above 5m and has a 3.2m wheelbase. The long wheelbase does not spoil the appeal but add to its luxurious, sturdy and classy design.

The 7 series BMW gets the latest entertainment system with touch and gesture controls. It is quite a Sci-fi and when you would use the gesture system being in the driver seat, you will feel like Tony Stark from the Iron Man. This is the next level of technological master piece. Input without actual contact.


The Engine

The heart of 730 Ld is the BMW latest 3.0lit, straight 6 cylinder (4 Valve ), turbo diesel engine ( B57 ). The power max for it is 256hp. At sport mode it will rev up to 5000rpm and stay there, changing the 8 gears in quick succession. The engine is a variable geometry working on common rail direct injection technology with piezo injectors which can supple fuel at 2500bar.


The Suspension

The Air Suspension, is unlike on the previous 7 series. This one has Air suspension on all the 4 wheels individually monitored by the computer system on the vehicle. This helps the vehicle to sustain the grip during hard turning and cornering. The damped and smooth ride for its occupants. The sound and vibration damping is advance with high levels of absorption. The 50-50 weight distribution of the BMW long 7 series is an advantage in handling around corners and quick manoeuvring. The even distribution of weight keeps the vehicle in the direction of the speed.

The Exterior Body works and design

The roof line, descends gently and trace back the silhouette of the elegantly placed rear window glass. The windows have chrome platted line all around. The double strokes from starting from the front headlamps to the rear tail lamps merging with door handles in between gives it a reflective variable look. We can sense that the Center of gravity is rested low on the vehicle, it is covered by a chrome lining at the bottom starting from the front Air Breather up to the rear door end. (Air Breather – Cooling off and air circulation for the front wheel and disk breaks)


Interior Design

Whichever seat you may occupy in the 7 series you would be next to luxury and controls. It is an intelligent amalgamation of material, lights, shape, color and innovative technologies. Some of the features of the rear would be a detachable touch command tablet, fully integrated control options, entertainment system, seat massagers and a front foot rest to recline like travelling in first class.

The panoramic sky lounge creates an open and light filled sensation of the space and illumination.


Telephone with wireless charging.


Gesture controls in the new system


BMW laser Lights illuminates a range of up to 600 meters. The intelligent lightening uses turn sensing to light up the sides eliminating the blind spots during

It Would cost you about Rs. 1.55 crores.

The Launch Film: