Begining of VAASTU | Explaining its Applicability & Origin

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According to old rituals god Vaastu Dev were originated out of Lord Shiva’s sweat. He gave the blessing that he would dwell in all houses, temples, establishments, rituals and would be worshipped as Lord Shiva’s shadow. 45 gods reside in the structure. Wherever Lord Vaastu Dev resides. So, on whichever plot or house the construction has to take place or in an already existing house or establishment.

The various body parts of Lord Vaastu Dev are super- imposed on that on that Land area. In every Body part of Lord Vaastu Dev 45 different Gods reside. Certain Body parts of Lord Vaastu Dev are good for building & some should be left vacant eg., the middle part is the place for Brahma. This area should be left vacant. Similarly the area in which the head of Lord Vaastu Dev is placed should be kept clean so not Bathrooms or Store area should be built in that area.

To Super impose image of Lord Vaastu Dev – We take Centre of Structure as place of Brahma keeping the middle part fixed the body of Vaastu Dev is made large or small accordingly.

8 direction Vaastu

1. NORTH – Kuber

2. NORTH EAST – Ishanya

3. EAST – Indra

4. SOUTH EAST – Agneya

5. SOUTH – Yama and Our Ancestors

6. SOUTH WEST – Naishtriya Nishan Daitya

7. WEST – Lord Varun (Prosperity)

8. NORTH WEST – Vayavya- Vayu Dev (health and strength)


Rays fall on Ishanya were the head of Lord Vayu Dev is placed. So this zone is used for the main rooms ( Bed Room, Living Room, Family Room), open areas (Entrance, Courtyard, Foyers), Puja Room etc., and avoid Bathroom, Stores, Toilets, Wardrobes, Lofts etc., in that area.

numerology Vaastu

1 Destruction due to fire

2 Marriage

3 Wealth

4 Royal Status

5 Rise in Anger

6 Tendency to lie increases

7 Cruel behaviour

8 Loss due to theft

9 Difficulty in conceiving

10 Inferior status

11 Inhuman behaviour

12 Birth of Male Child

13 Evil deals

14 Loss of wealth

15 Loss of wealth

16 Loss of male Child

17 Less age Span of Owner

18 Tendency towards becoming spend thrift

19 Loss of wealth

20 Increase of Wealth

21 Prosperity

22 Fear from Royal Forces

23 Owner to suffer from ill health

24 Tendency towards evil behaviour

25 Death

26 Fear from enemy rise

27 Birth of Male Child

28 Rise of wealth

29 tendency to become ritualise

30 Rise of enemies

31Female to become cruel/ evil

32 Loss of Wealth.

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