Did you know Reverse Sensors are mandatory for all vehicles: ARAI

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The ministry of road transport and highways are in process of issuing a notification to make rear parking sensors mandatory on all new vehicles to go on sale in India. This is one of the steps in ensuring Automotive Safety.

The new legislation is aimed to minimize accidents when reversing that could result in injury and death.

There have been incident in the past where children hidden in a rear-view mirror’s blind spot have been seriously injured by a reversing vehicle.Rear parking sensor and rear camera are already part of standard equipment on most premium vehicles. However on mass-market cars, these features are available only in the higher variants.

At present, the Tata Tiago at Rs 4.28 lac is the most affordable car to come with company fitted rear parking sensor.

If a consumer is interested, they can go for aftermarket system as well. There are three types of rear sensor system available in the market.

Three types are:

  • Warning sensors- which will only warn when there is an obstacle is sensed at a set limit distance may be 0.3 m or so. System cost Rs 800-1200.
  • Distance type – it is fitted with four sensor points on the rear, it has a small digital display for distance display, and beep feature with red LED at a warning distance while reversing. System cost Rs 2000-3000.
  • Advance distance with actual camera display screen – this is fitted the same way as the previous one but it has a video display screen for the rear bumper camera. It display both rear view and distance. System cost Rs 6000-7000.

The move to make rear parking sensors standard comes a few months after officials said that anti-lock breaks and airbags would become mandatory by end 2018.Further more a speed warning system is also to be implemented .

Indian regulatory board is running quite late for considering the safety factors in a vehicle. India is at least a decade behind in safety standards when compared with Euro and American standards.