Audi R8 – V10 Plus 2016 Review

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The new Audi R8 V10 plus Coupé not only looks good – it has a personality. The expo saw the launch of the of a regular derivable daily super car. Lets get deep into its blood.

The Front

The striking Audi Singleframe with honeycomb grid in gloss anthracite grey and the wide air inlets testify to its boundless power. The LED headlights not only reflect excellence, the optional laser light is also high-beam assist, creating a white light beam that outshines any LED headlight with its range and brightness. And makes progress highly visible – to the driver and to everybody else.


The Structure

Its build with a multi-material technique using the best suitable material as per the application area. The BIW of the structure comprises of the following materials:

  1. Plastic Reinforce Carbon Fibre ( CFRP ) – support structure
  2. Extruded Aluminium Section – Pillars
  3. Aluminium Sheets – Floor and internal panels
  4. Light Weight Casting – Joints and reinforcement locations

The design has been optimised for aluminium castings as well for 50% better torsional rigidity and reduced weight up to 200 kg on the BIW. Also to mention the wider front stance of the wheel which gives more front grip during drive.

The weight distribution is 44% front half and 56% in the rear half. This makes the experience interesting at hard corners when at high speed.

The Engine

The 5.2 litre V10 sits in the middle of the car, it has dual injection and cylinder deactivation tech to save fuel. The dry sump lubrication helps keep the centre of gravity low which gives protection during intense lateral acceleration.The engine power is 610hp, coupled with 7 speed Dual-clutch Automatic S-tronic suspension is the super effect in this sports car.The R8 gets to 100km/h in 2.96 sec and rev up to 330km/h, making it the fastest road ready AUDI ever.


The Transmission

TheQuattro Electohydraulic Multi-Plate Clutch System is an addition to the transmission making it react faster and sportier to drive. The gears are are well spread and switches quickly to feed good amount of torque through out the speeds. It wont let you feel down at any point of time. Try to push down on the accelerator paddle flat out and you will feel the back force as if your in an Airplane taking off from the runway.

The Aerodynamics

The aerodynamic coefficient of drag is 0.341. The acoustic and vibration quality excellent, highly damped and filtered experience. You can only feel the power and nothing else.

The Dimension



The Conclusion


The final verdict for the road beast – driving position, controls & instruments, audio and GPS, air conditioning, finish, accessories, the engine, gearshifts, steering, brakes and on the road is outstanding. It’s poor at boot space, safety equipment, visibility and fuel tank capacity.

The Safety

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