Did you know which the strongest part of an Aircraft is?

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You are wrong, if you think it the fuselage. It’s not the cockpit even or the cargo bay or the landing gear retraction area, none of them is right.

In an aircraft design we have an obligation of having a high strength to weight ratio with optimising between cost, material property and weight. We cannot have the complete airplane design to same factor of safety or with same material and strengths.

The strongest area is the location of the fuselage where we attach the wings. The wings are the high priority and functional part in the aircraft responsible for lift force generation. The wings carry the fuel what is required to propel the engine. They are the mounting locations for the heaviest part – the engine. The assembly of wings on the fuselage is done with high factor of safety. The fuselage would have higher material density in terms of additional layers and supporting struts to carry the wings along with weight of engine and fuel plus the force of lift and drag during the travel.

In any crash the airplane will get destroyed completely except the fuselage in the wing assembly area, which will remain intact and safe.