8 Points of focus for Peace of Mind

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As written by Brian Tracy — ” Set Peace of Mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.”

I believe much confidently that peace of mind is a thing without which no happiness is possible. You may have too much wealth, sufficient friends, big business, good food, lot of space were you live in, but If you are surrounded by too much chaos it would be very difficult to achieve any goal.

So what do we do to have peace of mind, I work sufficient, I rest sufficient, rewrite and plan my situations. As I get stressed when I have so much to do but time is less. One should know that everything is available it’s up to you to plan and work out your day in such a way that you attain peace of mind as well. So here is an effort to involve stillness purposely.

There are lot many things that we can do to have peace.

Being Centred, Focussed to the third eye

Focus Peace of Mind

Just close your eyes, legs folded, hands straight on your knees and meditate.

Inhale and exhale counting numbers about 100 deep breaths. Inhale and Exhale -count one

Take a focussed walk feeling movement of your hips and legs feeling the gravitation.

If you haven’t been able to meditate properly take guidance from a yoga trainer or google it.

Go for nostril breathing (hold left nostril Inhale hold 10 sec-Exhale hold 10 sec leave it, hold right nostril Inhale hold 10 sec-Exhale hold 10 sec leave it continue for at least 30 times.

Transmit Thought

transfer Peace of Mind

Make a list of the things worrying us then flush it as giving yourself a feeling of forgetting it.

Jot down everything which have taught you from your problems not to redo them or repeat them working it out to use it in a useful manner so that stress will not over power you.

Confront a person who have affected you instead of keeping it to yourself.

If somebody who have hurt, you is apologetic and initially you were not ready talk to them and forgive.

Forgive yourself and be apologetic for any wrong action of yours instead of reworking on it.

The ability of Innovation

innovate Peace of Mind

Be a child try and play with colours like crayons or sketch pens or what so ever to pull out your feelings on paper an art therapy to refresh your mind.

Make collage with images that gives you peace, you can take a help from net or anybody who is good at innovative ideas

With your ability to penmanship (calligraphy) write a peace quote and meditate on the peace quote.

Just walk along the path which gives you happiness, time also of your choice exclusively for clicking pictures that motivates and refresh you.

Write an article that gives you happiness and calmness that you feel can be a refreshing message to someone who reads (writing a post which gives peace to people makes me happy)

Energetic Action

energetic Peace of Mind

Dance on the music you love and dance as if nobody is watching you. Get into your body to get out of your mind.

Feeling the sand under your feet and feeling the sound of the waves take a walk along the beach.

Soak yourself in the peace of the surrounding through any favourite long drive.

Go for a nearby yoga classes if you can dig out sufficient time (which is a must for your good health)

Clean a scattered space of your choice thus enhancing the space to be new peaceful corner.


adaptation Peace of Mind

Disciplined compassion to forgive someone who has given us pain thus detach and loosen our self instead of fading in unpleasantness.

Try and live today rather than planning for tomorrow.

Target the good part of people in your life rather looking into their unpleasant action and expecting they would change.

We should not crib on what you could not achieve and that people would have been looking at you as a differently.

Do not judge yourself with many if’s and butt’s, but be confident for all your action and just honour them. Trust in yourself that you are growing and absorbing innovations.

A State of Isolation

isolation Peace of Mind

Read books which motivates you to fight out the challenge ahead in life.

Date yourself. Go out for a shopping in your favourite market, give a treat to yourself to your favourite restaurant spend time with yourself enjoy your own company, a time you don’t want to meet anybody else’s’ demand.

Spend time with nature feel the fresh air up on a mountain, walk along the sea shore feel the waves under the feet, be in yourself.

Be your own best friend talk to yourself, advise yourself as you would have advised your friend with same issue.

Re-do the positive act of stating something that help you feel present, peaceful and empowered.

To Bring two things together

honest Peace of Mind

Be honest in relationships. Have guts to speak the true feeling. Otherwise we will create stress to ourselves.

Just stop blaming yourself. Instead of imagining that you did wrong, express yourself and ask yourself what can be done to make the change that you are expecting.

forget the problem, explore the child in you do something funny and childish.

Connect to someone whom you think is going through the same issue that you are going through, to get a supportive relationship by talking to each other.

Invite someone to your own daily routine whether a friend or relative for gymming or a walk with you.

A Voluntary gift

charity Peace of Mind

Contribute some time putting all your efforts with a feeling of charity, when this effort is voluntarily done you will get immense happiness and peace.

Do Something in kind expecting only their blessings in return.

Contribute your passion to help someone, like if you are an interior designer- design out the house of your friend. When an appreciating comments come out her/his mouth you feel on top of the world. Because you satisfied your passion to design and my friend got genuine support she/he wanted.

Contribute to serve someone to peruse their passion or to achieve their goals. Keep yourself in their place, understand what give you meaning in life voluntarily, this would give us a lot of peace and self-centred.