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Motivation Goes a long way, the basic life lessons no will teach you a MBA. This article will give you another 5 reason to be motivated and focused on your goal. Here are the best Motivational Quotes.

Steve Jobs “No one is smarter than what you are”

steve jobs motivational

The superman cape can give you lots of confidence and energy to do stuff which is impossible. If you have confidence in yourself then you will get tremendous amount of energy. When your low on motivation just search on YouTube ‘Steve Jobs no smarter then what your’ it’s all about having faith in yourself.

Steve Jobs goes on to say that ‘everyone try to live a normal routine life with influences in it by the environment and rules built by others. But if others can build, influence, change, improve lifestyle then why can’t you. ’


“When to take a day off – when you’re not Sick.”


Yes, another reason to stay home is when your mentally exhausted and you just don’t want to run in to any argument or rub someone in the wrong way. Do this once every 6 months. This would be a situation when you work too hard on a continuous note. This is actually damage protection as its safeguarding your position and work quality at work.


“The Ten Commandments: One advice”


It’s a deep theory that our forefathers have researched and set for us. They know that human beings cannot work straight, so they kept every 7th day off i.e. is Sunday. This is required to maintain your energy and be healthy.

The people who have kids and family at home they will understand the importance of a day off in a week which is very necessary to build and maintain any relationship.


“Over Estimating of our current goal”


We tend to over estimate what we can achieve in a year and under estimate what we accomplish in a decade. Just know one thing if you stick to your goals and away from other futile energy wastes you can easily accomplish your goals and move ahead to achieve more in the same given time frame. Education is one thing but using that education at the right time is more important. ‘be smart literate’


“The Glass is Half Full.”


The most common optimism is ‘The Glass is Half Full or Half Empty’. For example a business personal during a period of crises will not sit back and stress about it, but look at it and find methods to profit from the crises.’ This will be the optimism of half full glass. Always see opportunity of growth in any form, learning and enduring to situation strongly.

“With crises comes opportunity”

“Avoid ‘Those’ People”


Try to have like-minded people around you helps you grow in a positive way, but having negative unlike people breaks you down. Whenever your down because of some one, just remind yourself about your life goals and growth. Try to keep a positive company around you.